Christmas Cooking Tips with Sally Bee

Christmas is my favourite time of the year as it’s full of food, family, friends and fun; however, we all know it can often be a time of overindulgence as well, especially when it comes to eating too much salt.

A lot of the festive foods we find on our Christmas tables often have ‘hidden salt’ in them, including bread, biscuits, and condiments (such as gravy), which can sometimes lead to us overconsuming in salt and exceeding the maximum daily limit of 6g (which is about a teaspoon).

The good news? Having a healthier Christmas doesn’t have to be difficult and some simple swaps, tricks and tips, can help this December…

  • Eat an abundance of vegetables! Adding beetroot and red cabbage to your Christmas dinner not only makes for a colourful plate but added goodness and nutrition too
  • Don’t feel bad about snacking during the Christmas period but try to keep it to minimum as there are lots of delicious meals to be enjoyed! Also, opt for healthier snacks such as unsalted nuts, veggie sticks and homemade popcorn which are still delicious, but not as high in salt as other traditional snacks, such as crisps
  • Invest in “super big” roasting trays as they are vital for feeding more people than usual, but don’t forget to increase the cooking time as the more you have packed in the oven, the longer things take to cook
  • Keep moving! No matter the weather, wrap up warm and get some steps in after your meals – exercise can help combat the risk of high blood pressure, as well as help with overall wellbeing, so you body will definitely thank you for the fresh air!
  • Season With Sense! We know sometimes a little salt is needed to bring out the flavour in food (especially when it comes to those crunchy roast potatoes!), but rather than use posh, gourmet sea salts, trying using a reduced-sodium salt, like LoSalt, instead – all the same great flavour, but 66% less sodium than regular table, sea and rock salts!

As someone who lives with a chronic heart condition, healthy eating and learning to season with sense isn’t something I can ignore, even at Christmas time – but simple measures such as flavouring my turkey with herbs and spices, opting for ‘low salt’ alternatives, or using a reduced-sodium salt when cooking, can make a difference.

We all deserve to enjoy delicious food this Christmas, but by making small and easy changes now, it means we have a good base to grow from, to help us make healthier habits as we welcome in 2022.

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