Overindulged over Christmas – start the New Year as you mean to go on

Christmas tis the season to eat and drink but for many of us we’re looking to the New Year to improve our diet and exercise and our heart health.

It’s sometimes confusing to know how to do this and at Blood Pressure UK we have some fantastic resources and content to help you:

Take a look at the foods and nutrients that can affect your blood pressure, and how to lower your blood pressure naturally with a few simple changes to your diet. Eating well can be easier, cheaper, and more fun than you think.

Salt raises your blood pressure but it’s hard to know how much you’re eating because it’s hidden in the foods we buy. See how you can eat less.

Fruit and vegetables
We know that fruit and vegetables are good for us but find out how they lower your blood pressure, and how to eat more.

Fats and cholesterol
How much fat you eat, and the type of fat is important for your heart health. Too much saturated fat can raise your blood cholesterol and clog up your arteries. See how you can cut back.

Foods and drinks high in sugar can make you put on weight, raising your blood pressure. Find out how to eat less.

Potassium is a mineral that helps to lower your blood pressure. Follow our tips to eat more.

Understanding food labels
Learn how to read food labels so you can see at a glance which foods will keep your blood pressure healthy.

Blood pressure-friendly foods
Find out which foods to keep your fridge and cupboards stocked with to keep your blood pressure and your body healthy.

Blood pressure-friendly recipes
Healthy recipes don’t mean tasteless recipes. Have a look at our selection to give you ideas for delicious healthy meals.

If you’re from an African Caribbean or South Asian background  
Your ethnic background can make a difference to your risk of high blood pressure. See how you can take control by changing what you eat.

How active you are, whether you smoke, and how much alcohol you drink, for example, all make a big difference.

The best part is, all these changes will work together to keep your heart and your body healthy.

See if what you drink is within the recommended guidelines and find out how many units your favourite drinks contain – it’s often more than you think.

Your weight
Being overweight can raise your blood pressure and put extra strain on your heart. By keeping to a healthy weight, you can look after your blood pressure and your heart.

Exercise and physical activity
Exercise can keep you healthy, but it doesn’t have to mean running marathons. See how you can be more active and keep it going in the long term.

Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do for your blood pressure and your overall health. Find out about the benefits and who can help.

Think your high blood pressure is all down to stress? See what the science shows.

Did you know that the amount of sleep you have can affect your blood pressure?