Welcome: Gary Maclean

Gary Maclean is an expert in creating phenomenal food with the minimum of fuss. We are delighted to welcome this multi-award winning, local chef and passionate educator to our campaign.

“I am absolutely delighted to be supporting the Season with Sense campaign.

Like most people in the UK I have personal experience of friends and family suffering from heart attacks and strokes, so this campaign has a real meaning to me.

Having been a professional chef for almost 35 years I have seen a real change in the eating habits of people, dining out is no longer a once-a-month event, so it is vital that chefs think about the long-term effects of their food and cooking as people put trust in their hands.

Reducing sodium in food can have real health benefits but also shows your guests that you care. The risk of heart disease and stroke is greatly reduced if there is a reduction in sodium.

We have the power to make a difference. I also think if more chefs embraced the health problems affecting the UK, it would send a real message of the importance of a heathy diet.

If restaurants and food-2-go establishments offered people a healthier salt alternative, just as they do with sweeteners, it would progress the conversation in highlighting the importance of health.

LoSalt is pinch for pinch the same flavour with no compromise on taste so it’s very easy to make a change and a huge difference.”