Low in salt doesn’t mean low in flavour

As a chef, I have a responsibility to help the nation reduce their sodium, and it’s something which I think all chefs have a responsibility to do. Reducing sodium while cooking (or seasoning) not only has benefits to our customer’s health, but also helps to send a message about the dangers of a high sodium diet. This is why I am partnered with the #SeasonWithSense campaign, to help spread this awareness among both chefs and consumers.

Salt is the biggest source of sodium and too much sodium contributes to high blood pressure, which affects 1 in 4 adults worldwide. That’s a huge percentage of customers that walk through our doors! High blood pressure often has no symptoms and increases the risk of heart disease and stroke. In the UK, it is recommended we consume a maximum of 6g of salt a day, about a teaspoon; however, on average we are consuming approximately 8.4g a day 1, which is 40% higher than the maximum recommended intake per day.

The thing is, making small changes, which will benefit health, don’t have to be difficult! When I need to season my food, I use LoSalt – a reduced sodium salt with 66% less sodium than regular table, sea, and rock salt.

LoSalt is an easy way for me to look after my customers health, as it can be used pinch for pinch the same as table salt, without any compromise on flavour or recipe changes.

We should also be offering guests a low-sodium alternative at the table. We’ve been offering sugar alternatives for many years, in the form of sweeteners, so why not offer a low sodium option too? To not only help improve the nation’s health, but to also show your guests you care about their health, at every step of their journey with you.

For low-sodium recipe inspiration from Gary, visit https://uk.losalt.com/cooking-with-losalt/